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I am Bridgette Bryant, Web Designer, Writer and brand composer utterly in love with marketing design and content creation. My on-point ideas, creative delivery, and luxe style keep me in-demand.

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As an artist, I love to make pretty things.
I also love having fun. Take a gander At My Life:

A Few Skills

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Things we can do together...

look good


I have no idea when nor how I feel in love with web, but it certainly runs my world and my veins.

I mean, I love it like air. Live food. Like sex when you're in love. I adore this design thing with everything in my soul. And it's funny because I didn't even know it. I had to watch my actions in Creation in order to discover just how much I love it. I'll sit for 16 hours building something magnificent and not even notice the time. I often 'come to' and realize I've been in sitting a dark room for hours because the sun has now gone down.

The good news for you: anyone who loves it like I do can only create a masterpiece for you. Here's what we can do:

  1. Make it pretty - Develop a website that looks as good as you want to be perceived as being.

  2. Make it accessible -Take the responsive road by developing a dedicated mobile website.

  3. Make it popular - "SEO" is a bit...over zealousy presented. There is MUCH truth and goodness to it, though, and we will utilize all of it.

be better


Half-way doing things yields a half-way type of output.

The way you present yourself to the world is a clear indication of exactly what you PLAN to offer them. Not what you are able to offer, what you WILL. At least from their perspective and you must keep that in mind, my Friend.

How you look is everything and if you have sub-par presentations of who you are (website, marketing materials/collateral, etc.) you are presenting yourself as being sub-par at what you do and, therefore, expect to receive a sub-par following (sorry).

The good news: we can change your brand image easily. Here is how:

  1. Decide Why We're Doing This - Clearly define who you are, why you're here, and what you've come to do right now.

  2. Decide Who We're Talking To - Determine who we are presenting you to, primarily, and identify the most valuable thing we can offer them.

  3. Decide What To Say- Select a secondary (and possibly third) segment of our potential marketing prospects to target with their own separate message.

  4. Plan - Paint the picture of what we want these beautiful people to do and how we want them to respond to us.

  5. Plan more - Identify how we are going to make that happen.

  6. Do it. - Do it.

do more


Just because something CAN be done in marketing does not mean it should be. We need to consider your market and how they will respond to what you do, THEN we can utilize technological advancements to achieve greatness.

We will look at options that could possibly fit where we are wanting to go. Then we will sift through them and remove any ideas that don't feel right to us or take us in a direction of opposition. We will stay on track with your brand no matter what. Next, we will set guidelines regarding what we want to discover (measuring our progress) and delegate roles to their appropriate leaders. Your marketing department will do more than you ever thought possible.

Here is a quick look at what doing more may mean for us:

  1. Using Social Platforms - Social media management that creates revenue and/or popularity.

  2. Getting Into The Grove - Create a video and/or audio marketing strategy.

  3. Designing New Materials - New collateral materials, print ad campaigns, etc., as appropriate

  4. Marketing Team Revamp - Good people are only great when properly guided. If your team is struggling, it's our responsibility restore it.

  5. Getting Out There! - Inundate the web with useful and valuable content, artwork, and links all about (or pointing to) YOU.

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In this section, discover my education and employment.

from 2008 to present day

Creative Thinking


This has been my precious baby. I have loved every moment of watching this design and writing firm become all that it can be, progressively. It has been the most fun I've ever had working and I have had the pleasure of stretching even my own understanding to lengths I never imagined. Here, I have managed: Art Direction, Website Development, Graphic Design, and Content Writing Service. I am now serving companies direct as a contractor or employee.

from 1998 to 2006


Marketing Director, Graphic Designer, Research Assistant, Web Designer, Shot Girl

Yes. In the worlds of graphic designer, advertising, and marketing, I have truly done...half of it (got ya!). I have worked for the following companies: The Richards Group, Publicis USA, Verizon, and a couple of government organizations. I have worked with the following clients and projects: BMW, Chick Fil A, Dr. Pepper, Best Buy, The City of Austin, and many others. I appreciate and adored almost every moment of it and I credit those learning experiences as being the catalysts which sculpted me into the marvelous marketer that I am.

from 1997 to 2001

Southern Methodist University

Student Leader and University Ambassador

Wait! Don't go! Yes, I went to the private university dubbed, "the Harvard of the South," but hath not a posh Southerner have feelings, too? If you prick me, do I not bleed? Well, actually I might prick you back but since my blood is blue, as long as my outfit happens to match that day, we're probably cool.

If you've never heard of SMU you may not understand the previous joke. It's okay. Generally whenever I tell people where I went to school I'm either immediately shunned or highly revered. I like both responses, but I'd prefer to build my own rapport with you based on the present. Disclaimer aside, I LOVED UNIVERSITY LIFE. Best twelve years of my life (kidding. I actually entered college at the young age of 16. I was so brilliant I graduated high school early. Yeah, I know. Hot.)