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The way we look is often the sole basis upon which others judge who we are and the value we have to provide. In the book publishing arena where your publication literally stands next to hundreds of other options, looking the part is more crucial than ever.

Getting to the perfect design requires understanding your book, your goal, and your audience. No one knows these topics better than you. Therefore, my process includes the creation of a creative brief where you can answer these questions and lead me to the design you love.

Readership and The Look
Of Your Book

Watch this video to learn the three ways your readers are affected by the look and layout of your print or e-book design. From cover to layout, it makes a difference.

Upload Ready Designs

Approval-ready on your desired platform.

Free Kindle E-Book Template

What size does your book need to be to upload correctly on Kindle? With so many different page and book size dimensions discoverable online it can be overwhelming to find out how to set the right specifications for KDP. Use this FREE KINDLE E-BOOK TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD to help you get started.

Initiate Our Contract

A beautiful book is within your budget no matter what range you are in. Message me through the system to tell me a bit about your objectives and the details of your book such as size, word count, and topic. Please ensure that your book is non-fiction and expect a response within 4 hours (during CST business hours). Thank you.


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