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Free UI Template – Bookie UI Kit PSD

Free UI Template – Bookie UI Kit PSD

When I was first starting out with user interface design, I was really intimidated because even though I’ve been told I’m a pretty good designer, in general, I was a self-conscious and I did have some trepidation about being able to deliver a nice design.

So what I decided to do was look at really great UI designs from places like Behance, Dribbble, UI Collect, and even Pinterest. As I looked around I found that the user interface design for websites was really the same as it was for mobile apps. Since I had been doing websites for almost 15 years, it helped make the transition a little easier. The thing was, I still had to get over my self-confidence issues and I found that using UI design kits really hope to get the ball rolling.

So in a desire to pay it forward, below you’ll find a link to my very first UI design kit for the graphic design community.

I hope you enjoy it and it brings used much work and confidence as it did for me when I first created and shared it with others.




10 Pretty Artboards in Photoshop.
You will be downloading the layered PSD file.


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