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The Creative Design Process

Every great project
begins with a
well-made plan.

The Design Development Process Begins! We began by reviewing design ideas from the web, possibly into stages, one being narrower than the other. Next, a small percentage of the actual project is completed and sent to you for review, modification directions, and approval.

What follows is a midpoint project review where you take a look at the entire first draft and make any necessary adjustments. The purpose of this step is to correct anything that is off course so that, by the time we get to the finish line, we know everything is as it needs to be.

The first step of our dance

01. Getting Started

After receiving your project brief information, you will receive a service brochure that you can review if you’d like and a request for a project onboarding call or Skype meeting.

After that meeting we will know what you need and you will receive an e-signature document that includes a project summary and outlines how your project will be delivered, the payment agreement, and instructions for initiating our contract.

Once our agreement is in place we will begin and you will have access to a special project page where you can review the past, present, and future of our progress.

If needed, we may request another meeting at your convenience which can be conducted through video, phone, or email. The purpose of the meeting is to confirm that we have understood all directives correctly and to give you the opportunity to provide more in-depth directional feedback. We may also review design samples from similar projects to establish design preferences.

During this meeting, the client can also provide any additional data they would like to mention and ask any questions that need answering.


A Brief Overview

02. Design Stages



We begin with discovery. Simply put, this is where we transfer what’s in your head into my head.



Crafted begins, based on your target consumers and the strategy I have defined that will meet your current goals.



After change requests have been fulfilled, your modern creation is ready to be shared with the world!

A Closer Look at the Process


Aligning with your brand and target users. Learning your history, brand image, and competitors and using that info to strategize design goals.


Client creative brief and meeting. Define the marketing message and response we want to create. Client approves design direction based on idea review(s).


The design process begins and an early progress approval is required to ensure everything is on track.


After making edits based on your change request feedback, I perform two more polishing rounds then package the files and send your download link!


Now we have a first draft of the completed project. Prior to submitting to you for review, I polish and perfect the design for consistency and elegance.


Similar to the previous checkpoint, this stage ensures design quality is inline with your vision. Delivery is a rough draft of 50% of the project for feedback.

Process Stage One


proposal designer
  • Getting to know the business and target market
  • Competitor review, including marketing designs
  • Becoming familiar with the brand
  • Deliver the project overview and design summary one-pager as an e-sign document. This is a summary of what we’re doing and a reminder of the most important agreement highlights of this stage, such as, I am in charge of design. This one-pager includes the mood and tone of the final product, the action we are trying to encourage, and the method of design I will use to accomplish our objectives.

Process Stage Two


proposal designer
  • Ideation Stage – sketches and ideas based on what the client has communicated
  • Design Review II – a more precise sampling of design ideas from similar projects are presented to the client.
  • Design Direction Streamlining – this is the progress checkpoint. A portion of the project is created in one to three style variations and sent to the client for selection and approval
  • Designing Begins – with a design direction approved, the project can start to come together
  • Midpoint Check Delivered to Client – Time to make a final stylistic review, modify, and approve where we’re heading
  • First Draft Project Completion
  • Polishing Process before Submission to Client

Process Stage Three


ux designer
  • First draft delivered in PDF format – mockups included, in some cases
  • Client change requests are received and implemented
  • A final structural check is performed and a project delivery folder is populated with the project’s content and uploaded to a secure download link which is forwarded to the client.

Let’s make something outstanding

03. Send a Project Inquiry

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