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Crisp – Business Plan Presentation Template 2.0

Get it Down on Paper Then Into the World

PowerPoint is more like a suit of clothes, or a car, or plastic surgery. You take it out with you. You are judged by it—you insist on being judged by it. It is by definition a social instrument, turning middle managers into bullet-point dandies.

PowerPoint gives you templates to work from and the ability to edit your slides and presentations and this stunningly strong template makes sure you look good at every turn.

Master Slide Layouts
Drag. Drop. Copy. Paste.
Super Cool Animations
powerpoint template modern
powerpoint template modern

Say It and Be Heard.

PowerPoint can be an impressive antidote to fear—converting public-speaking dread into movie-making bliss.

Making a powerful PowerPoint presentation can require a lot of time and focus. That is, unless you are a Slide Pro. This easy-to-edit PowerPoint template gives you the perfect place to gorgeously organize your message.

Microsoft PowerPoint template
slide design PowerPoint preview
presentation template design
modern template design preview
crisp powerpoint slides

Why this PowerPoint Rocks!

You need a presentation design that makes you look good and your plans sound great. This wonderful PowerPoint will give the impression that you are bright, intelligent, approachable, and committed the task at hand.

Impress your audience, heck, impress yourself with this beautiful and creative branded presentation template.

Designed For:
  • Business Presentations
  • Marketing Plans
  • Company Summaries
  • Cool People Like You
What You’ll Get:
  • A PPT and PPTX file
  • 35 Slides Animated and Non
  • Documentation Guide
  • Link to Download the Fonts

These Slides Are In Your Presentation Download:

presentation design
powerpoint template modern design
presentation design
modern presentation template
slide design preview
crisp PowerPoint slides

Choose Your License Type

Pitch Perfect is a beautiful branded template is available for instant download. Choose the use-type that fits your needs from the four options below and good luck with your presentation!


Single-Use License
Create One PowerPoint
Live Audience up to 29
Up to 2 Editors/Users
Not for Resale


Live Speech | YouTube
Create One PowerPoint
Live Audience up to 99
20 Users per License
Not for Resale


Enterprise Templates
Up to 3 PowerPoints
Unlimited Users
Allowed for YouTube
No Commercial License


Conferences and groups
Audiences of over 100
Teams of up to 30 users
Buy Extra License(s) for More
Use on YouTube

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