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Crisp – a Clean and Modern PowerPoint Template Design

Truly Stunning Layout Designs

Never before has bold creativity come out looking so professional. These easy-to-edit beautiful creations have a slide for every major type of messaging you might need.

Master Slide Layouts
Use of Premium Typography
Clean, Modern Slide Design

Crisp Feels Good, Right?

The slides are also equipped with the drag-and-drop image feature which allows you to locate your images on your desktop folder and simply drag and drop them onto the placeholder in your slide not only is this a beautiful theme for PowerPoint, but it is also intelligently engineered for ease of use.


Why Get Crisp for PowerPoint?

You need a presentation design that makes you look good and your plans sound great. This wonderful PowerPoint will give the impression that you are bright, intelligent, approachable, and committed the task at hand. NOTE: The fonts used in this presentation are premium fonts that will need to be purchased separately if you would like to use them. The fonts are Balboa Medium and Adobe Caslon Pro Regular.

Designed For:
  • Business Presentations
  • Investor Proposals
  • Company Reports
  • Cool People Like You
What You’ll Get:
  • A PPT and PPTX file
  • Documentation Guide
  • Link to Download Free Fonts
  • My Deepest Appreciation

These Slides Are Included In Your PowerPoint Presentation Download:

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