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Below we will gather some general information from you regarding your project, timeline, and desired level of involvement.

With that info, you can schedule your call and begin finalizing your content before we meet.

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Project Briefing

We'll convene to create a plan of action for you and gather some design samples for your initial feedback (yep, we're already pulling things together for you). With your team's feedback, we'll move forward with our first project milestone of design direction approval.

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Nice and Easy Delivery


The ave. hours to complete a project: onboarding, review, changes, delivery. Everything.


Average individual project price for modern presentation design services up to 20 slides.

Payment Milestones

Payments and progress go hand-in-hand for clarity and consistency.

Office Hours

A bi-monthly design session where you get on-the-fly support for your team.

Client Portal

Status updates, payment info, and downloadable files in one place.

Project Quote

This serves as a project quote that will give you an estimated cost range. A formal project estimate will be provided after our initial briefing meeting. The parameters of your work are welcome to shift. Please note that when the scope of work expands, so does the cost. When new needs are communicated, you will receive an updated project quote to approve in advance.

General Project Questions

Each project starts with a comprehensive overview of expectations using various methods depending on your needs and availability. This helps us clarify the objective and gives you peace of mind that everything is proceeding in the way you want.

We also create and deliver an action plan to you before beginning work, increasing productivity and promoting the likelihood of delivering a solid-gold final product.

This vital onboarding stage is where we set performance expectations and become as familiar with your product, existing customers, and potential customers as possible. This period can vary by project and typically accounts for 10-15% of the project budget.

Checkpoints are established that ensure design style, quality levels, and content are on-point with your vision. To maintain accuracy and not waste one moment throughout the early stages of the design process.

These progress checks verify along the way that we are creating what you desire.

When we learn what your brand wants to accomplish, we’ll know what needs to be done to create your desired result. Aside from staying within the parameters of your brand style guide, all design decisions are owned by your trusted, professional Bryant Design team.

Your proposal will include a guaranteed project cost range and outline the procedures, timeline, and deliverable milestones. All aspects of your project will be covered in the proposal and sent to you for review and approval.

Nothing is worse than waiting for a project’s delivery and then finding that it’s not REALLY what you want. That’s why, before we begin, we get your approval on a visual design direction.

This gives us a map of exactly where we are going, so you know in advance that the final product will be right on time and exactly what you expect.

Our Working Relationships

Variety is the spice of life, and flexibility is the cooling water that keeps things in balance.

The world is moving, and we want to give your brand the power to keep up. For that reason, leading-edge creators must stay highly skilled and geographically fluid. So wherever you are, that’s where we’ll be.

Let us know if a design consultant, contract-based agreement, or retainer work best for your remote project design team needs.

Your proposal will include a guaranteed project cost range and outline the procedures, timeline, and deliverable milestones. All aspects of your project will be covered in the proposal and sent to you for review and approval.

Both fixed-rate and hourly projects begin with an initial deposit and can be paid by check, ACH Transfer, Zelle, PayPal*, Stripe*, and Bitcoin.

We specialize in presentation design. Since it is the most complicated type of design to master, being pretty good at this makes us great at creating other design mediums.

Once a brand starts looking like an organization they feel proud of, it is natural for our clients to ask that we extend our services to other areas, and, of course, we are happy to comply.

Project Briefing Call

After we learn about your needs in a quick project briefing call, if we commit to working together, we move forward with a quick-immersion, 45-minute onboarding meeting. In this meeting, we’ll gather all the info we need, and you will leave with a clear plan on how we’ll complete your first project.

We start by learning what you have in mind. We know you’re the expert on your target audience AND your goal. Then we take your words and visual design references and preview ideas that match your plan. From the first drafts, tell us what you love and don’t. NOW we can begin.

The best part is that you can contact us whenever we’re done. When you’re ready to work together again, log into your client portal and send a “New Project” message!

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