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Fifty Shades (or slides) of Awesome

Fifty Shades (or slides) of Awesome

Strong creative and design skills in the PowerPoint arena are difficult to come by! This is because it takes an in-depth knowledge of design principles, composition, color theory, typography, and brand adherence in order to use this software to produce a masterpiece.

One also must possess an understanding of both digital and print production processes, as well as the ability to concept ideas and produce innovative design solutions.

To go a step beyond, a great presentation designer must also be capable of deep intellectual thought and have experience with visual/video production.

I possess all of these tools and more and am here to be your delegate for presentation design, proposal development, and print collateral creation.

Use the link below to see a preview of my “Fifty Favorite Slide” designs and use the other links to learn more about my process, purpose, and vision. Thank you.

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