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Effective, World-Class Digital Marketing and Presentation Design

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Pitch Decks, Presentations, and Keynotes

PowerPoint and
Brochure Design

Consumers and clients now naturally expect a little storytelling and a good experience with your brand both visually and in their interaction. That is why you need professional graphic designs. My job is to make your brand look great, clearly communicate, and help you get the action-oriented response you’re looking for. See Presentations.


Brochures, Proposals, and Infographics

Print and
Data Design

Making a great first impression has not gone out of style. In fact, if you don’t look the part, it’s not likely you’ll get it. But no need to worry about that. I am here and my job is single-fold, making your brand look great. Therefore, I build beautiful proposals and marketing materials to promote your brand and services in a pretty, powerful, and professional way.

Info Architecture, User Research, Wireframing

UX Strategy and
Product Design

UX Design is just another way of saying “doing things right.” It works because, essentially, it provides the information needed to create a digital solution that is tailor-made for your target consumer. Giving users precisely what they are looking and asking for is product design gold! There’s no better way to tip the scales of sales in your favor.

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Frontend Design, Html, CSS, Wordpress

UI Design for
Web and Mobile Apps

Sometimes, your website is the only interaction potential customers will have with your brand. Expectations are high for consumers now and making your digital storefront modern, interactive, relevant, and easy-to-navigate will be your greatest source of power.

Meet Your
New Designer


I am a contract, freelance designer that can create what you are looking for. Here are a few of my most valuable assets:

  • Two decades of focused design
  • A bit of Ad Agency experience
  • Trained in marketing psychology
  • BA Degree from a prestigious private University
  • Design for a range of industries
  • Great as a Leader or Contributor
  • Available onsite or remote
  • Expert in structuring elegant designs and layouts

If you are not yet sure what type of graphic design job you need to hire for, learn more about the options here:

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    My services are streamlined and well-practiced so take a look at the options below and select the option you would like to learn more about.


    After reviewing your initial information (through either an online form, Skype call, or phone conference), I will deliver a project summary of the information from our meetings and your feedback. With your approval, I will use it as a compass to navigate me through the creation of your project. Design ideas are shared for feedback using Milanote and project updates are provided via Asana.


    Before I dive into development, I create a plan of action that outlines the steps I will take, the deliverables you can expect, and the anticipated delivery date. These dates are paired with payment milestones that I establish based on your project needs and deadline. In addition to allowing you to “pay as you go,” my milestone structure makes it easy for you to make sure the project is flowing as desired.


    My secret tool for efficiency and a fabulous final product that is the implementation of frequent progress checkpoints. After your initial design direction approval, there will be a mid-point review where you can make any directional changes if needed. This way, we know that, once we get to the final product you’ll have exactly what you were looking for.

    bridgette bryant graphic design

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