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Starting Again: Do You Need To Restart and Five How Tos

Sometimes we feel like starting again means starting at the bottom. At times it can mean starting where you already are just with a different state of mind.

It takes years upon years to develop the ideals and deeply embedded habits that dictate our daily responses and decisions in life. It is quite possible that when we developed those thoughts and ideals several years ago, that our brain had some input that was not yet fully developed or had in some way been tainted and, therefore, we developed an improper response to certain areas of life.
This is one of the many reasons self-evaluation on a quarterly basis is so vitally important.
Were we all to keep up with the comings and goings of our internal changes in time with the seasons, we would be putting ourselves on a continual path toward self-improvement.

Here is the best way to take a look at where you are and make the most of your today and tomorrows.

1. Take an inventory

Where are you now compared to where you thought you would be? Was your initial expectation realistic? Is it still what you desire and, if so, are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

2. Make a very short checklist

In doing things like this we tend to “new years resolution it” up and create a grand list of immediate changes we are going to make in our lives which will change our lives FOREVER!… Then we get bored with it and slip back into our old habits taking with us only a glimmer of what our original plan was if we maintain any of it at all.

Instead, let’s make a shortlist. Select one personal item that you want to focus on building and one or two professional areas of focus. For instance, personally, you may want to work on relaxing more and going with the flow of life. Professionally, you may want to learn a new skill that will make you indispensable in your career field and go back to school for a new degree.

Relax. New Skill. Back to School. Three simple, direct areas of focus that, in time, could truly transform your life. The most important thing: don’t start anything else until you complete these items! That is, unless you decided to take an entirely different path. Consistency is key.

3. Make a plan, but ALWAYS include the why

If I were to tell you that my plan for today is to go to KFC, get a number two combo, and then leave it outside on a bench, you would think I was a weirdo. But if I told you the WHY behind it (a nice homeless man, Walter, always comes by on Tuesdays (today) and he is too proud to ask for help but I know he needs it, so whenever I drive by, I look for him. And when I see him, I get him some food, wave at him across the street, and he comes over and gets it after I leave), not only would your thoughts about me totally change, but you may even come on board and support me financially in feeding Walter more often.

It’s the WHY that packs the punch and motivates action.

4. Force your plan to include things you LOVE to do

The thought that a person must struggle to find success is finally going out the window. Have you ever tried getting where you want to be SOLELY by doing on things that you want to do and love to do? Conduct a “science experiment” to see how that works out for you. If you love to do something, you’re more apt to stick with it especially when the going gets rough.

5. Execute your plan fearlessly

Now that you have a plan, put that baby in action!

This has to be the most important of all. It is rare that we realized the true impact of the fears we carry. Typically these fears go unrealized (thank God) but the time, sleep, energy, and opportunities we lose during their reign are un-recoverable. Lose the fear. Win the race.

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