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How to Find High Quality PowerPoint Templates in 2020 that are Truly Stunning (for real)

Where to Find Professional Microsoft PowerPoint Templates:

  1. Online Templates Marketplaces
  2. Freelance Job Engines
  3. Hire a Design Agency
  4. Google Search for Free and Premium
  5. Templates inside Microsoft Office (eh)

Finding and using a great-looking PowerPoint template for your upcoming presentation instead of trying to build your own design from scratch can save you tons of time and a lot of embarrassment by making sure you and your ideas look great.

Having a good-looking presentation design on-screen while you’re presenting will help you calm down as well. It can take some of the pressure off to get those eyeballs off of you even for just a moment so you can relax and speak from the heart. That way, you’ll be more confident when you are speaking and have a better chance of connecting with the audience.

The steps to take in creating a professional PowerPoint template for your business, keynote, or custom presentation are required that you: know your business, understand your customers, are committed to their needs, and show creative ways of solving their problems.

business pitch presentation

So how to do you make those business development strategies come through in your presentation delivery and slide design? Start by deciding how you would like to approach your design project and how you will get the job done.

These are ways that I have found to be effective when I need to get a PowerPoint presentation, most importantly, in a short amount of time.

  1. Find a PowerPoint template online to purchase that is close to what you need to create and that has life in it that will accommodate the space format of the information that you need to deliver.
  2. Hire a freelancer to work with you in getting the job done.
  3. Find a presentation design agency that has experience in the overall type of presentation you need. For example, pitch deck designs, company overviews, launch presentations, marketing strategy meetings, etc.
  4. Search the internet for free PowerPoint templates that you can download and customize yourself.
  5. Search the templates already existing within PowerPoint or Keynote for something that you can use.

Here are a few of my favorite presentation template designs to help you get started:

presentation design pitch-deck-design


powerpoint template

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