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Empower Your PowerPoint Presentation Design with Infographics from Slide Pro

Looking for a way to make a PowerPoint presentation attractive? Truly?

Introducing a new digital product designed to take the “ehhhh” out of designing and delivering presentations.


It is my hope that you come to find that this is one of the most helpful tools you could ever imagine when it comes to putting your ideas together and presenting them in either video or live pitch format.

I created Slide Pro so you can make the best impression of your life.

What is a presentation design with Slide Pro?

The resource is a library of pre-built templates for PowerPoint (and soon Google Slides) that are clean, beautiful, and truly impressive.

Sometimes we don’t need a full template or even a full presentation. Sometimes we just need one or two slides that look really good and can SHOW what we’re trying to say. That is what this site is for.

The focus is on providing the more involved types of slides that are WAY TOO TIME-CONSUMING or too difficult to make “pretty” on your own.

With Slide Pro, you can download:

  • High-quality charts
  • Infographics
  • Well-Organized Text Slides
  • Data Charts & more.

All made to help you bring your content to life so people can get as excited about what you’re doing as you are.

My goal is to make your ideas look as good as they sound so you can deliver clear concepts to your audience and instantly amp-up their level of trust in you.

Happy building!

How to Access The Presentation Design Templates


When you join, you will have access to the growing inventory of slides which you can add to your existing template or presentation or use as a starting point for presentation design.

To review the options and get started, go to


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