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How to Use Focus to Save Your Life, Idea + Energy + Faith in Yourself = Frequency

This article will teach you to use Your Power, Energy, and Intent to Change Your Frequency and Get out of a Serious Situation

No time to spare, so let’s jump right in.


Briefly acknowledge where you and then spend three times longer taking (to yourself) about where you want to be next

You want to briefly glance at where currently you are for two reasons: first, so you know what you need to make changes to, and next so there is freedom in your mind because you already acknowledged what’s wrong. Now all that matters is making it right.

Now you have to shift your focus, permanently, to the solution. It is vital that you spend an abundantly larger amount of time on the solution rather than the latter. Doing so will help you create and develop feelings as well as a visual image in your mind reminding you of where you’re going and reinforcing the energetic attraction of your idea. To speed up your manifestation, call upon that new-you experience every hour which reverberates where you want to be.

Write down a positive statement that is true, light, and makes you feel better. Set a timer to remind you to say it once per hour.


You need this in your mind every hour because, if it is not present, the circumstances you are experiencing can become overwhelming to your mind and energy. 

You have to be able to see beyond what is around you at the moment. 

Not becoming emotional about what you see at this second is important, critical,  required, and every other word that means must-have. It is required, let me say again, required that you ignore whatever evidence there may be of your previous way of thinking and see only the good parts of what you are about to create. 

You can get there eventually without laser focus, but WITH it, you will fuel your momentum way faster and move yourself much more quickly into the safer surrounders you seek.

With that focus, you can see where you’re going and match your actions to the rhythm of being in that place.

focus image on your road

When you start moving a little, the universe starts moving a lot and will fill in the unseen parts in support of your journey to this new, better place. 

The part about applying focus is really just you applying attention and telling the universe with your mind, body, and soul what kind of world to make visible to you right now.

When spiritual teachers say that everything you want already exists, they are right. But it sounds hokey and unhelpful when you don’t know what it means.

It means that information about what you want currently does exist in the form of energy. There is a bank account deposit ready to hit your account right now. Your job is figuring out how to move that deposit into the spectrum of visible light by aligning yourself with the vibration of the source which it is coming from.

In other words, if you want $10K and you work as a graphic designer, you have to tune the aura surrounding you – scientifically said, your electromagnetic field – to match the tune of the person, group, or organization that has an immediate project with a budget of $10K that wants to be matched up with a graphic designer of your skill and talent level.

Sounds simple when you say it that way, doesn’t it?

Remember, things are working out.

They always do.

It’s just a matter of the setting you are “pulsing” for them to work out to.

The world is dancing, people are moving, and deals are being made. Are you inline with that energy or something old that should now be forgotten?

How To REALLY Change Your Frequency

The universe can bring to you the people, environments, and opportunities that hold the activation of these new fabulous ideas you have. You just have to hold it. Hold the thought, hold the vision, hold the feeling of relief you will experience. THIS IS A COMMUNICATION, NOT A WISHFUL WHIM.

You are not hoping, and praying, and positively affirming in this moment. You are WRITING A MEMO AND SENDING IT OUT.

You have to hold the vibration of success because, if you change it, now you’re sending a different memo out. You have to keep it focused on one thing because, if you switch or waiver, you break the connection you had established. You won’t kill it (THANK GOODNESS) but let’s not do anything other than feed it and clarify it more confirmation.

Soon, you will start feeling what you want so strongly you can sense it floating in the air.

What you want is available. What you want is within your reach. You can have it. But you have to focus and send only one message from your heart and the back of your subconscious mind, with every single ounce of power you have available.

Stir up the energy if you can by getting emotionally excited about it and, soon, you will see the “exit” from the old coming toward you in your mind’s eye. Then add a dash of action with the stank of positive expectation on it and you’ve got some “kicking butt at life” gumbo cookin’ in your kitchen!

Hell yeah. NOW we’re getting somewhere.


Forget the past, what you knew about creating life experiences, and start with a fresh mind and heart

Let me give you a specific example. Everyone wants more money so, ok, let’s do more money. If this is what you are working on, you need to first deal with your beliefs about money and your history with money because those deeply rooted things are what got you into the dreary and, in order to get out – which you totally can – you have to change how you feel about money and begin to realize that it is okay to want it, enjoy it, if I could I’d make love to it ALL DAY. And we have to be honest about the fact that you truly do need money in order to fully live life.

Any people you want to help or aspirations you have for the future HAVE to be funded in some way. Without putting your basic safety and security first, you can’t do anything for anyone else and you won’t be able to have experiences that will allow you to be valuable to other people.

In the words of the Wolf of Wall Street, money is just fun coupons, in the words of Napoleon Hill, you need that in order to become the full expression of yourself. Money is not the root of all evil, neither is the love of money. The root of all evil is the absence of money. No evil that is ever undertaken, aside from those that involve a person who is insane or who has been treated in an unjust way, is ever committed for any reason other than a lack of money. Being poor is not only being unable to contribute to society and the progress of mankind; being poor is also the only excuse the mind can ever provide for a person to choose to make a decision that goes against their character.

Again, to quote the Wolf, “I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich.” In American society, there is no other way to live the dream. Period. If you disagree, live completely without the things that money is required to buy for one week, then see if you can say it again.

So let’s say it’s more money than you desire. And let’s say that your favorite thing to do in your current city is going to see live music, taking someone you care about to a fun place like Six Flags, and going to the store to shop your favorite clothing brand. When you have more money, what are you going to do? You are going to do these things that you love. So every hour, when you are in the mode of emergency rescue, we have got to change your surroundings a little step at a time by doing two things: 1. change something that does not belong to the new you and 2. visualize yourself walking around and doing what the new you will do.

Why? Because this makes the distance that light needs to travel shorter by closing the gap between now and next physically and it shows the powers and energies that turn light into matter exactly what image to “print” for you.

Another important thing! After mentally visualizing your next better circumstance, you will have to open your eyes. I know there will be an immediate sense of disappointment, leaving the old, being sucked into your mental vision so powerfully, only to be put right back, but you have to find another way to look at that. Remember that you are life in the making. Remember that all things come and pass. Acknowledge that you just started visualization and intentionally creating life in this way. So try not to measure your progress (especially not minute-to-minute like I tend to do).

Just keep taking yourself to the new place and keep in mind WHY you are doing it so you don’t get lost emotionally. You are communicating to the electrons that power the atoms that make up your reality. You are having a board meeting with them and saying, “Hey! Make this.” And that’s all. Keep telling them what to do and they WILL comply.

Here are some more ideas that will help you to actually enjoy the visualizations, which is very important for manifesting them. Just remember:

    1. This is visualization. The point is to move your mind from the steady focus you have been pumping into the unwanted circumstance. Think of it as giving your life fair airplay in your mind; equal screen time. You definitely owe some back-pay to the positive aspects and aspirations of your life (think about how long you have actually been feeding the monster that has now manifested itself as your real life). Now that you are making the effort to see things differently, be prepared to give it the same amount of radio time in your electromagnetic field. You won’t need it, but force yourself to at least not cut it short by getting discouraged before you give your energy enough time to reset.  When you do, you will start to see things in a new way, your range of visible light will shift, and new ideas and experiences will flood your world.
    2. Keep in mind again that this is a visualization, a tool you are using to create something new just like you would use a hammer to put a nail in the wall to hang a portrait.this is only a tool. Do not expect it to be more than that and respect it for what it is and the progress it can build. If you want to use a hammer to hang a painting, then put the hammer down and see that you hung it crookedly, would you get mad at the hammer. No, it was only a tool. So pick it up and try again.
    3. Keep in mind that the point is to shift your emotional response. If you remember that the point is to move out of the old and into the new, that thing you’re visualizing, it will help make the leaving of that visualization less painful. In fact, if you still see the old after you come back to the present moment, tell it, “thanks for showing me the right way. You can go now,” and allow your body to release itself from being part of that environment. This will cut the ties of the old from your mind and lighten your approach and response the next time you visualize what’s next for you. That positive feeling is all you need to radiate to help the energies of the Earth bring good to you. 


  1. Find something similar from your past to point to and say, “well…I did it before. And that time I had way less ______ than I have now. So I can probably do it again, and better.” Then, when you take two minutes to communicate with the electrons powering your experience, be light about it, get into it. Be silly. Be embarrassed by how utterly engulfed you got yourself into your visualization. You are creating for yourself a “Vision Vibration.” Setting the tone for that which you seek so it can begin to seek you. Keep matching up with it, and it will know exactly where to find you.

Photo Credits: Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels, Pixabay, Reshot, Raw Pixel

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