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How Important is a Good-Looking Website Design? Does it Affect Brand Image?

In case you’re wondering about the effectiveness of your website’s design, this article may help clear the air.

With an honest assessment, you can create an effective plan that will help you reposition your brand the way you truly want it to be. With a web design that demonstrates your value, you will get more visitors and increase conversions.

A few business marketing novices still debate whether or not the look of a website is as important as the product being advertising. What do you think (let me know in the comments)?

The answer is evident when you look at what gets shared the most on social media and by the fact that most people check the web for information about something new before engaging.

So does it really matter how your website looks? Or is it sufficient to just get something up there? After all, you only need a space online, right? Will any type of web presence do?


It is essential to hire the best freelance web designer you can find in order to get a high-performing website. A designer who is affordable and has experience with small businesses, startups, and serial entrepreneurs can make it easier for you to find suitable solutions for your unique business needs.

Your Website is the Front Door to Everything You Are Offering Potential Customers…

Trust, talent, and professional experience are just a few of the reasons why Bridgette Bryant is a leading, top-rated web design expert who can create custom, responsive user interface designs using all of the mainstream tools and platforms.

Elegant Graphics and Intuitive Web Design can be used to  Quickly Differentiate Same-Sector Products in the Minds of Consumers.

With Bridgette, hiring a web designer is an easy, smooth process that delivers a clean, interactive website that attracts customers, enhances the look of your brand, and gives you a powerful website that supports your goals.

…is Your Online Presence an Effective Experience You Are Proud Of?

The first impression goes beyond just looking good and having an offer that interests viewers. It extends to finding a way to make an emotional connection with your audience and making sure they know, right away, why they want to stick around and learn more about you.

Is the cost of doing UX Research Something You Should Invest In? Why does it matter?

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It’s a question that many company leaders are asking. Partially because they only see the research and visual layout components and do not yet have enough experience with user experience design to know that it goes much further than that.

What I mean is that user experience design is more about creating a product is suitable for a particular customer instead of creating a product in the hopes that it will be liked.

Having a more clear vision for what your product should be in the eyes of your customers is an incredible advantage and it is one of the many reasons why UX is not only worth the time and money, but is also no longer optional if you plan to provide a product or service that consumers actually want and purchase.

The Difference Between a Web Designer and a Web Developer and How to Hire a Good Designer for Your Site.

The widening of separating the visual design aspects of creating a website from the coding side is actually something fairly new. I have been doing websites for the last 20 years and, in my day, when you made a website, you had to have design skills as well as coding skills. There was one guy who made it pretty and another girl who made it real and accessible online.

There was one person who took the time to get to know the brand and made something attractive and functional.

The fact that it is laughable to some that a developer might also design is  embarrassing to me. It says that designers/developers are not extending their full potential and we are leaving clients thinking that one job is the best that we can do when nothing is further from the truth.

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    This means that the first impression goes beyond just looking good and having a clear offering that interests your viewers, it extends to finding a way to make an emotional connection with your audience and making sure they know, right away, why they need to stick around.