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Project Estimate

Estimate Your Project Rate

This page gives you an idea of what to expect. A formal Project Quote will be provided after your information is received. The formal quote will give you a guaranteed project cost range.

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Terms and Conditions

Getting to know your brand is the first step to making sure our work is successful. My strong on-boarding stage is a period of setting performance expectations and becoming as familiar with your product, existing customers, and potential customers as possible. This period can vary by project and typically accounts for 10-15% of the project budget.

Project Quote Terms

The parameters you define in this estimate are welcome to shift. Please note that, when the scope of work expands, so does the project cost. When new needs are communicated, you will receive an updated project quote to approve in advance.

Design Decisions

“After I know your brand and what you want to accomplish, I will know what needs to be done to create your desired result. Aside from staying within the parameters of your brand styleguide, all design decisions will be managed by me.

If you want to go in a different direction at any time, be sure to communicate this information as early as possible so we can look at things from all perspectives find the right solution. Thanks. Let’s make something great.” – Bridgette Bryant

Payments and Deposits

After your project estimate information is received, a project agreement will be forwarded to you that outlines milestones, checkpoints, and an initial timeline.

This information is a pre-contract that allows you to view the full life of the project before initiating an agreement. When you are ready, click the enclosed payment link to send the deposit and allow your work to begin.