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Top 10 Marketing Tips for 2017

Bridgette Bryant - January 2, 2017 - 0 comments

Tip number one: Keep in mind that this really is a new day

From the way technology works to the mind of the consumer, nothing is now nor will ever be the same. If taken the right way, this information will be seen as an incredible opportunity for you to climb new heights. Since everything is different and pretty new, there’s not a lot of people who have had much time to TRULY become experts at navigating this realm. That means there is a more equal playing field than in times past. With that, a little work, focus, and determination can really go a long way. Such is the task to devote yourself to. Now get moving.

Tip number two: recognize that fame is only a click away

With the ability to so quickly disseminate and share information, products and services that consumers are made aware of can very quickly and almost effortlessly rise to the top. With the right amount of exposure directed toward audiences and markets who are looking for what you have to offer, it has never been easier to show off a good product. By focusing on your offering and making sure it is share-worthy, you can produce the atmosphere required to conjure your own viral success.

Tip number three: don’t be afraid to embrace your success

It’s time that we all face the fact that each and every one of us want it all and we want right now. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact I can’t think of a better way to be. Self-focus and the carrying out of your personal desires can actually be a reason for living. It is only by the fulfillment of self that we can be of value to anyone else. There are unique things that you have to offer that can only be offered in your very own way. Being a little selfish with your time and energy is the only way to position yourself to be able to share that unique goodness with the world.

Tip number four: get a fresh perspective

There is nothing like the feeling of starting a brand new endeavor. Ideas flow, expectations are high, and the promise of what could be is ever-present in your spirit. Sometimes, after working in the same area for an extended period of time, we can get a little less passionate about our efforts. The thing is, it is that feeling of excited passion that delivers our most creative ideas. So we must actively pursue whatever we can to maintain a positive focus perspective on what we’re doing and fuel our creativity by maintaining a high level of expectancy.

Tip number five: don’t forget the definition of insanity

If there’s anything in your life or business that is not going the way you truly want it to go, you have to do something different. When you change your actions the results you are experiencing will change as well. This works better if you are able to first change your emotions and attitude toward the topic of interest and begin to see your situation in a more positive light. When your thoughts and attitudes change, your actions automatically shift to match accordingly. And with new actions in place, new results cannot help but take form.

Tip number six: plan to succeed

Be strategic about everything you do. Writing down your mission and your tactics and setting up some system for accountability will lead you right into your experience of success. As we begin to plant roots in the year 2017, it will be our ability to deliberately create what we want that really brings those visions to life. The time for wishing and hoping for the best is over. We must now intentionally plan and set up the lives we choose to live. There is no better news than this because that means you can literally craft anything you want. Life always responds to our expectations and by planning for success intentionally you’ll be able to work with the ways of the universe and smoothly transition into your next and higher phase of life.

Tip number seven: let go of the past

Just do it.

Tip number eight: don’t bother re-inventing wheels

There are templates, consultants, e-books, and even Shark Tank. All tools that can help you not only get a head start but that can also help you avoid common errors. Use them.

Tip number nine: awaken in the present

We have so many beautiful days back to back we often never recognize it until we have one that is not quite as shiny as we might want. We often miss those wonderful days by not being present with in; either by thinking of the past, or anticipating the future, both of which we do through a typically inaccurately. It is okay and good to enjoy this powerful now moment. This moment is in fact the most powerful of them all. Because in it, you can override the past and pay the more glorious future. There is never more to strengthen capability at your fingertips then there is in the moment of right now. So enjoy your now and watch that enjoyment deliver an even more enjoyable new day.

Tip number 10: if you’re not doing what you love, stop right now.

The old era has gone and now power and wealth go almost solely to the one who is willing to be him or herself.

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