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Your Secret Weapon:
RFP Proposal PowerPoint Template

  • PowerPoint 2016 newer, Office 365
  • PowerPoint PPTX and PPT
  • Drag and Drop Image Placeholders
  • Built with Free Fonts (link provided)
  • Beauty and Pro Status in One
  • Animations and Transitions
  • Fully Editable Graphics
  • Documentation Included
NOTE: Photos not included but if you would like a particular photo send an email (see documentation in download) and I may be able to help!
RFP Template

Make Your Proposal Look Like the Obvious Winner.

Startup is the perfect PowerPoint for presenting your best ideas in a modern and convincing way. Its design makes it easy to create the pitch of your dreams. The template beautifully displays research and data so you make an impression investors can trust.


Unique Slides


Cover Slides


Graphic Slides


Percent Awesome

Perfect for

Company Presentations, Conferences, Business Proposals, RFPs.

Template Features
Creative Professionalism

Finding a way to blend professional with creative graphic design makes this template shine!

Business-Like Design

You want more than just pretty. Now pretty, functional, AND envy-worthy; that's how to thrive.

Drag and Drop Images

Add your photos into pre-set placeholders for fast template branding and customization.

Smooth Animations

Give audiences a feeling of forward movement and trustworthiness with sleek, modern transitions.

Engaging Layouts

Good presentation templates communicate in an interesting, beautiful way that is unforgetable.

Increase Your Value

Making a great impresssion only leads to one place - a great final outcome. So show off a little!

Slide Designs

Designed to Help You Outshine the Competition

PowerPoint presentations are the most popular form of business communication around the world. In-house teams are usually not equipped to handle the editing requirements for making content look great in PowerPoint so they put together a poor quality document even though it is bad idea if they intend to stay ahead of the competition. But not you. You know how important it is to look the part you want to play.

Watch Preview Video!
rfp proposal template design
Easy Editing

Your Brand Style in Under Two Minutes!

Drag images from your desktop folder right into the image placeholders of this theme. Copy and paste your text right where you want it to quickly change the content of your slides and right-click before pasting to choose "use destination theme" to make sure your content keeps the styling format.

rfp proposal signing
Why it Rocks

A Good Way to Make a Great Impression

Don’t forget that looking the part you want to play is the most crucial part of your success. This stunningly creative PowerPoint template is here to kickstart your dream presentation and it was designed to appeal to a large user base. The modern layouts were created with ease-of-use at the forefront of its features so you do not have worry about technical issues while delivering your speech - but be sure to practice in advance and thoroughly test all equipment with at least three run-throughs before the big day!


Have your content or vision ready and want someone to add it to your new template? REQUEST HELP

Choose Your License

Single-Use License


  • Create One PowerPoint
  • Live Audience up to 29
  • Up to 2 Editors/Users
  • Not for Resale

Live Speech | YouTube


  • Create One PowerPoint
  • Live Audience up to 99
  • 20 Users per License
  • Not for Resale

Enterprise Templates


  • Up to 3 PowerPoints
  • Unlimited Users
  • Allowed for YouTube
  • No Commercial License

Broadcast License $399.00

Conferences and large group presentations qualify for a Broadcast Level License. This includes events such as TEDx and any presentation with an audience of over 100 attendees. This is also the template to use for large business meetings and teams of up to 30 users per license. Please purchase multiple licenses to suit the size of your needs. There is no commercial license and resale is not allowed, but this download license does allow for use on YouTube.

Support Tools


Overcoming Fear - Success Guide

Some things have happened in your life that left an impression. Many of them negative, and many of those unintentional. When triggered, old wounds can paralyze. This ebook helps work through past conflicts to set your free. By taking a quick look at the past and dealing with it, we can reapproach life with a fresh new attitude.



Work | Life Balance eWorkbook

It's easy to become focused on success, especially when you enjoy your work. Though I would probably be perfectly happy working my days and nights away, stacking wealth for the future, the life that leads to can be better with just a little diversity. Let's learn to balance health, love, family, AND money so we can really have it all!

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