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A Brilliant Message, Gorgeously Delivered

Genuine passion, the proper support, and factual data can shift your audiences’ mind and cause their desires to parallel your own. Perfect presentations happen  when we communicate a valuable message in a way that looks good and sounds great.


Dependable Work Guaranteed to Impress

A successful pitch is about selling your target on three things: your trustworthiness, the viability of your offer, and whether or not they like you. There are several things you can do to tip each of these scales in your favor. The most direct and effective approach begins with making sure your brand looks the part with great design.


Move Focus From You to Your Message

The first impression you present sets the stage for just how high your target’s level of resistance will stand. It is the job of design to help you deliver information in a  compelling way that makes their minds free of any other restrictions so you can open the door for that “yes” you are looking for.


Meet Startup, The Ultimate Pitch Deck

The perfect pitch deck is able to communicate interesting information in a beautiful fashion. The truth is, matter how compelling the information and statistics, your image and looking the part that you want to play is actually the most crucial part of your delivery.



Company presentations, keynote speeches, and pitch deck delivery are my specialty. I deliver high quality work that includes dynamic animation and video-quality PowerPoints. Preview some of my work using the links below:

keynote speaker presentation" alt ="Speaker Keynote Presentation">

Speaker Keynote Presentation

The right backdrop can help your audience absorb and understand your message.

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" alt ="Brand Relaunch Presentation">

Brand Relaunch Presentation

Launching a new brand can raise many questions of uncertainty, doing well requires clear delivery.

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" alt ="Pitch Deck PowerPoint">

Pitch Deck PowerPoint

When delivering a pitch deck, there is typically only one chance to close that deal.

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" alt ="Design Services Presentation">

Design Services Presentation

To select the right presentation design specialist, trust your instincts, and always follow your heart.

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In every bit of detail, I go above and beyond to deliver a stunningly beautiful and perfectly branded PowerPoint presentation design. The process is streamlined and effective. Here is a brief overview followed by a video of some of the services I have to offer you:


I learn all about your brand, audience, and goals. See my creative brief form here.


We start out right by having you select designs you love from a set of ideas.


After 10% of the presentation is done, it is sent to you for review and approval!


Review the project and send any change requets you have. Then, it’s all yours!


If business for you is also personal, this newsletter is perfect support tool for your journey. Free business templates, motivational articles, and leading industry tactics to help you position yourself for success. Subscribe privately now.


The line between fab and drab is made up entirely of a willingness to take the time required to pay attention to the details and constantly improving ones's skills. Here are a few details that distinguish the quality of my commitment.

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Meet Your Designer

Hello, I’m Bridgette. Gosh, I’m glad you’re here. I need your help to continue creating gorgeous graphic designs!

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