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Ave. hours per project: onboarding, design, changes, delivery.


Average cost for modern, custom design with around 25 slides.

Payment Milestones

We give clients peace of mind with our milestone system. It makes payments and progress go hand-in-hand for comfort and consistency.

Office Hours

Online, bi-monthly video session for clients to get on-the-fly support, make requests, and give feedback. You'll be Invited to each session via email.

Client Portal

You will have password-protected access to one location for all status updates, payment information, and completed files.

Super EasyDesign Process

A clean, professional, and well-designed PowerPoint presentation will make it easier for you to present your ideas and concepts to potential clients or partners. We can help you make it easy for clients and customers to choose you! Here’s how we do it:

1. Project Discovery

First, we align with your brand and target by learning about your history, competition, and marketing goals.

2. Design Direction

In our onboarding meeting, we'll discuss design preferences and get your approval on the visual direction.

3. Midpoint Check

We check in early to ensure we're on track. Then, at mid-completion, we ask for sign-off before moving forward.

4. Completion and Polishing

We'll complete the first draft, check for cohesiveness, then make it shine! This is where "good" becomes "great."

3. Live Revisions

After your team's initial feedback, set a time for us to add the finishing touches in a live-edit screen share call.

6. Test, Package, Deliver

Now that your vision is alive, we'll take one last look before packaging and sending your files for download!


Our Benefits

On top of a world-class portfolio, Bryant Design is a creative design agency that uses graphics to retain attention and communicate ideas. We are known for our reliability and always do our best to keep our word. Here are some ways we will make your experience memorable and profitable.

A+ Communication

We maintain transparency to ensure the final output is aligned with your expectations.

Brand Alignment

To help you feel confident about our partnership, we start by learning your expectations.

Progress Approvals

We get clear about the visuals you want early in the process, so the final delivery is on-point.

Client Portal

Your assets & objectives are easily available in your client portal. That's design thinking!

C-Level Approach

From initial briefing to your delivery, our success thrives on meticulous attention to detail.

New Goals

It takes so long to find a good teammate. Good news - we can stick around for a bit.

True Partners

We empathize with our clients and become committed to your success like it's our own.

Flexible Timelines

When you need it, we want it done. Let's discuss realistic options and set an action plan.

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Elevate your brand design & make them want YOU.

“Successful collaboration with cross-functional teams is my specialty! Through effective communication and empathizing with user needs, I translate ideas into high-quality designs that inspire.” – Bridgette Bryant

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Let's Do IT!

Have your custom design project done in three easy steps:

1. Creative Brief

First, we discuss your goals, design style, and budget in a phone or video briefing. Then, you'll receive a guaranteed project agreement with a 30% deposit payment link via email.

2. Onboarding

Our goal is a profitable design, so we get started immediately. We'll review your requirements and then request approval on the design direction by showing you existing samples.

3. Design & Deliver

Next, we deliver two design styles on two of your pages and ask that you select one. At the midpoint check, we'll show our progress and ask for final adjustments before the wrap-up!

1. Let's set the stage for a great first impression.

Design is important for any product and it can make or break a first impression. This is why we put so much effort into making sure your design is visually pleasing and efficient.

If the project quote below fits your budget, send us your contact info and keep going! Schedule a project briefing call where we can discuss your brand, design preferences, and objectives.

Click the button below to answer 10 easy questions that will help us get to work!

Project Design Brief
2. Let's talk goals and project needs.

Most of our interactive work with you happens early in the process to ensure the final delivery meets your expectations.

We kick off this quick-immersion process with a brief project onboarding call. In this meeting, we’ll gather all the info we need to get started and you will leave with a clear plan on how we’ll complete your project.

Shortly after the call, you will receive a proposal outlining how we can help. Please review the information and let us know if you have questions. Then, when you’re ready, simply sign our Project Agreement and send the design deposit. Now we’re getting things done! After our call we move on to design and delivery!

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General Project Questions

Each project starts with a comprehensive overview of expectations using various methods depending on your needs and availability. This helps us clarify the objective and gives you peace of mind that everything is proceeding in the way you want.

We also create and deliver an action plan to you before beginning work, increasing productivity and promoting the likelihood of delivering a solid-gold final product.

This vital onboarding stage is where we set performance expectations and become as familiar with your product, existing customers, and potential customers as possible. This period can vary by project and typically accounts for 10-15% of the project budget.

Checkpoints are established that ensure design style, quality levels, and content are on-point with your vision. To maintain accuracy and not waste one moment throughout the early stages of the design process.

These progress checks verify along the way that we are creating what you desire.

When we learn what your brand wants to accomplish, we’ll know what needs to be done to create your desired result. Aside from staying within the parameters of your brand style guide, all design decisions are owned by your trusted, professional Bryant Design team.

Your proposal will include a guaranteed project cost range and outline the procedures, timeline, and deliverable milestones. All aspects of your project will be covered in the proposal and sent to you for review and approval.

Nothing is worse than waiting for a project’s delivery and then finding that it’s not REALLY what you want. That’s why, before we begin, we get your approval on a visual design direction.

This gives us a map of exactly where we are going, so you know in advance that the final product will be right on time and exactly what you expect.

Our Working Relationships

Variety is the spice of life, and flexibility is the cooling water that keeps things in balance.

The world is moving, and we want to give your brand the power to keep up. For that reason, leading-edge creators must stay highly skilled and geographically fluid. So wherever you are, that’s where we’ll be.

Let us know if a design consultant, contract-based agreement, or retainer work best for your remote project design team needs.

Your proposal will include a guaranteed project cost range and outline the procedures, timeline, and deliverable milestones. All aspects of your project will be covered in the proposal and sent to you for review and approval.

Both fixed-rate and hourly projects begin with an initial deposit and can be paid by check, ACH Transfer, Zelle, PayPal*, Stripe*, and Bitcoin.

We specialize in presentation design, which is considered one of the most complex types of design to even be descent at. Being proficient in PowerPoint not only makes us great at presentation design but also ensures our skills in other areas of design.

Once a brand achieves the desired appearance on paper, they feel a sense of pride in their new look. After seeing all that goodness it is natural for our clients to ask that we extend our services to other areas, and, of course, we have to comply. We can’t let you go outside without your brand combed.

But we also love organization, like, OCD + ADD = Who Cares! We Got ‘Em Both!

So we must stick to our specialty, but we would never let one of our clients suffer from Ugly Brand Disease just because we drank the “always niche-down” Kool-Aid.

Project Estimate

This quote will give you an estimated cost. The formal project quote is provided after a briefing meeting.

Project Quote Terms
Please note that when the scope of work expands, so does the cost. When your new needs are communicated, you will receive an updated project estimate to approve.

Deposits and Starting Projects
After the project briefing call, a contract will be sent to you which outlines milestones and checkpoints.

When you are ready, sign the agreement and pay a 15% deposit to allow work to begin.


Your Project Estimate

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Are you in search of captivating presentations that are visually appealing? A well-designed product is vital to achieving big goals. Get consistent, modern, stunning designs that engage your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

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