Boost your pitch presentation with captivating layouts built for victory.

Close the sale, nail your pitch, win-over your audience! Order or become a client now for pitch deck designs and templates crafted to empower your brand and your confidence!


A clean, professional and well-designed PowerPoint presentation will make it easier for you to present your ideas and concepts to potential clients or partners.
We work with PowerPoint, Keynote, Canva, Google Slides, and InDesign to create compelling pitch decks, presentations, and infographics. The key to making projects run smoothly is getting design direction approval early in the process. Help us make winning moves by sharing everything you can about your dream design.

Re-Design / Revamp

Do you have a sales deck or presentation that needs polishing? We will revitalize your brand and image, enhance graphics, and align everything with your design style guidelines. Just upload your existing document, and we will convert it into a clean and modern design.

Pitch Slide
Deck Design

We can transform your initial draft into a professional masterpiece! Just upload your content-only PowerPoint (or similar) file with each slide’s text pre-placed. We’ll reach out to discuss the desired appearance and transform your words into visually appealing content.

Design Work

Our design subscription service is ideal for teams and organizations that require occasional but regular design support. We offer a monthly membership through which you can request multiple one-off design projects. Your content plus our designs equal stunning results!


We mix great graphics with a strong message to deliver powerful tools for success.

Why try to do it all manually when you can beautify automatically?

Deliverables include stunning investor decks, brochures, and corporate templates designed to make your marketing visually impactful. Learn more in this video:



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Your ideas are unique; let's show them off uniquely! We're serious about powerful design, and our Creative Director, Bridgette Bryant, brings 23 years of visual design experience and loves helping brands create great first impressions. Wow your audience (and yourself) with a smart, beautiful, creative design. Choose a package below to get started!


PowerPoints, Brochures
  • Increase your perceived value! This service is for those with a document that needs a beautifully delivered design.
  • 18 Slides or Pages
  • 2 Charts or Graphs
  • 10 Day Turnaround
  • PPT or Keynote

Ongoing Design Work

  • Retain services with our design subscription plan. Let's build you a consistently powerful brand. Options:
  • 1 Presentation Revamp
  • 2 Website Updates
  • 2 Quick-Services
  • Office Hours, Source Docs

Quick Onboard

We'll consult via email or Zoom re: goals, audience, and details.

Simple Process

Start your project, approve the progress, then we'll wrap it up!


Secure file and content sharing plus easy NDA signature, when needed.

Creative Designs

Expertly-designed with good structure, typography, and modern graphs*.

Source Files

Everything used to create your fabulous design will be packaged and delivered.

Design Preview

Together we'll set the design direction at the beginning to save time.




Tell us about yourself...enhance your credibility by improving your visual brand with a slide deck that captures attention and conveys professionalism. Let us start working on your game-changing design now to set the tone for success in everything you do.

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    ALL SET!


    UP NEXT...

    Please check your email. After we receive your order we will confirm everything via email and request any additional info. Then, we'll show you a few sample slides before wrapping up your design so you can share it with the world!

    Go from static boring presentations to modern, memorable stories.
    We'll align to your expectations to make the design reflects your brand's identity and audience goals. Thanks for making us your go-to design solution!


    Each project starts with a comprehensive overview of expectations using a variety of methods depending on your needs and availability. This helps us become clear about the objective and gives you peace of mind that everything is proceeding in the way you want.

    We start with a design assessment where we provide you with a series of design samples from other sources that are along the lines of what we think will work for your project.

    With your feedback, we’ll start creating based on your selected design direction.

    Before we begin, we have a very clear concept of the visuals you want to create. This makes every step that follows more simplistic, accurate, and productive.

    Checkpoints are established that ensure design style, quality levels, and content are on-point with your vision. To maintain accuracy and not waste one moment throughout the early stages of the design process.

    These progress checks verify along the way that we are creating what you desire.

    Nothing is worse than waiting for a project’s delivery and then finding that it’s not what you want. That’s why, before we begin, we get your approval on a visual design direction. This gives us a roadmap, so you know in advance that the final product will be delivered on time and meet your expectations.

    We spend a lot of time on preparation to ensure efficient development. We take timelines seriously, and you can expect to receive impressive, ready-for-the-public design work on time and in line with the set expectations.

    Introduce yourself, your project/plan/idea, and tell us how we can help.

    Let’s work together to create a presentation that authentically reflects your company’s values, personality, and brand. With unwavering determination and a commitment to excellence, we aim to bring your vision to fruition, and help you leave a lasting impact on our world.

    Order your design now or use this form to contact us for more information.

    "Successful collaboration with cross-functional teams is my specialty! Through effective communication and understanding needs, I efficiently translate ideas into high-quality designs that inspire."
    presentation and product designer
    Bridgette Bryant

    Creative Director


    Design is the first impression people have of your brand, and it plays a crucial role in shaping their perception of who you are. Therefore, it is essential to get it right. Here are some tools that can help.

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