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For a movement to succeed it must have a long-term plan and persuade influencers and key players. A winning pitch will take an incremental approach. Then work on building and maintaining the momentum for change is more than just creating a tagline or a meme. For your social movement to achieve true change, you need to ensure it embodies some essential characteristics. Learn what those traits are when you download this free guide!

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The Psychology of a Pure Heart

Winning someone over enough for them to take your desired action is rarely about convincing them that they’re wrong and you’re right.

The story can model the solution and show how an individual or organization can make a difference. It can even make your message more memorable. A good storyteller can engage their audience’s emotions in a way that overcomes unwanted feelings and replaces them with hope, courage, and love.

When you are planning for your victory and setting action-steps for your dream, remember that there is more power in your work than what is obviously apparent on the surface.

pitch deck test my idea

If You’re Going All-In, You Need to Know the Truth about your plan! Download this eGuide for help.

If you’ve heard the phrase “hearts and minds” you’ll know that winning support is more than advancing a rational argument.

You need to engage people’s emotions as well. But how do you go about doing that?

Clarity, viability, a plan, and a little bit of fire.

Learn how to look at your pitch from the outside in to determine the true viability of your idea. Use the form below to download this free eGuide today.


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Discover the probability of success by looking at your plan, your goals, and your heart. Use this FANTASTIC GUIDE to help you clarify your concept and develop a real-time vision.