Every great project begins with a well-made plan.

After our discovery meeting, we will know what you need, and you will know we can deliver. Afterward, you’ll receive a project summary, an e-sign agreement, and a link for initiating our contract. Whenever you are ready, we begin!

From your client portal, you’ll be able to review where we are, ask any questions, and request new design projects after our first project together.

Before we start designing, we’ll ask for one more discovery meeting. The purpose is to confirm that we have understood the targets correctly and obtain feedback on design direction ideas.

When we think we’re headed in the right direction, we’ll share a few ideas with you to make sure. When you give us the green light, off we go! Here’s a closer look at our process.

1. Project Discovery

Aligning with your brand and target. Learning history and competition and using the info to plan design goals.

2. Design Direction

At our onboarding meeting, we learn your preferences and style and then work to define and gain your approval on the design direction.

3. Midpoint Check

After the design process begins, we check early to ensure things are headed in the right direction. After you sign off, we move forward to completion.

4. Completion and Polishing

With the major pieces done, on to the polishing stage! This is where the good parts become great. We also check for cohesiveness and, surprisingly, design your cover - we always do that one last.

3. Live Revisions

We've delivered on your vision, and we're ready for your final touches! After you run everything by your team, choose a time when we'll do a live-edit screen call on your project feedback.

6. Test, Package, Deliver

After making edits based on your team's feedback, we polish and perfect one last time before packaging your files and everything used to create it. Then we send your download link!

"Process truly matters, and we like to set a standard of expectation that ensures a delightful process and outstanding final product."
Bridgette Bryant

Design Lead

Looking Trustworthy Makes Your Brand Feel More Reliable.

Matching Expectations

Throughout the early stages of design are checkpoints that ensure design style, quality levels, and creativity levels are on-point with your vision. To maintain expectations and efficiency, they also help us verify along the way that we are creating what you desire.

Budget and Initiation

A formal project quote will be provided after your information is received. The quote will give you a guaranteed project cost range, including a project summary that outlines milestones, checkpoints, and an initial timeline. When you’re ready to get started, just let us know.

Onboarding and Scope

Our strong onboarding flow sets performance expectations and helps us become familiar with your product, audience, and the message you want to communicate. Our work is accounted for in your project billing summary; please note that when the scope of work expands, so does the project cost.

What We Need From You

We need you to come up with a clear content outline. That’s it. Our job is easier if the content is set, and you can change anything in the editable file we deliver. Then after the planning and creative crafting, you will have a beautiful final product that supports your vision and flatters your brand.

The Fine Print
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