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Feature Design, Design System Maintenance

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Experiences in digital product design have given me a holistic view of the design process. From concept development to prototyping and testing, I am well-versed in every product lifecycle stage.

My experiences have given me the power to contribute valuable insights and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

This project gave me a more profound understanding of the need to incorporate user behavior and feedback into the design process. It made this type of work a career staple in my life; working with strong teams who need my user interface design and product design expertise to complete their organizational goals.

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Project Workflow Plan

The project workflow shown above was created during a period of significant transition in the world, which included changes in the way we work. These changes posed challenges for my organization, especially with the addition of new team members who brought diverse skills and perspectives. All of this was happening while managing a live digital product that was being used by customers around the clock AND developing new digital products and features!

It was a challenging time, as several leaders had also chosen to leave the organization. Consequently, I had to take on additional responsibilities as a UI Designer, including project management, design sprint planning, and team moderation.


Charter Communications


User Onboarding Redesign, A/B Testing

Other Work

Redesign
Content Design

Design System UI, Sign-In

During my work on these projects, I was responsible for ensuring consistency within the corporate design system and creating new objects and elements as needed for the expansion of the mobile viewing app and other internal and external products.

I was also trusted to ideate and develop new products and features for customers. I worked closely daily with UX and research teams to analyze user feedback, enhance usability, and create more visually appealing and user-friendly designs.

Visual appeal is crucial in capturing users’ attention and creating memorable experiences. So, in addition to technical design skills and abundant software capabilities, I exercised a solid creative flair on a corporate level in my design work.

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Feature Flow and Hand-off Screen