In every bit of detail, I go above and beyond to deliver a stunningly beautiful and perfectly branded PowerPoint presentation design. The process is streamlined and effective. Here is a brief overview followed by an interactive view of this process you can click inside the box and play around with.

I learn all about your brand, audience, and goals. See my creative brief form here.

We start out right by having you select designs you love from a set of ideas.

After 10% of the presentation is done, it is sent to you for review and approval!

Review the project and send any change requests you have. Then, it’s all yours!

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Interact with Design Process

Next up is a Prezi presentation. Prezi is a fun little dynamic presentation development tool that makes your content an interactive platform that can deliver information in a multitude of ways. Test drive the tool with the following Prezi and learn the process that we will follow in developing your design.

Start Moving Your Project Forward

For project pricing information and a detailed outline of my suggested process for your specific project, click here to contact me and tell me all about your presentation. Expect a response within 48 hours during the work week. For more urgent needs, please text the number at the top of this page. Thank you.


After all, this IS the most important aspect, right? Click the following button to learn all about my project tracking process, your super easy client feedback page, and the steps I take to ensure that your final product is exactly what you want it to be:


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[norebro_process boxed="1" title="Dependable Quality" description="Open, honest interactions will help us stay on the road you want to travel and will also ensure the work is on-point with what you desire." bg_color="brand" number_color="#000000" title_color="#ffffff" description_color="#ffffff" description_typo="font_size~16||letter_spacing~.2||weight~400" title_typo="font_size~20||weight~600" number_type="font_size~90||weight~600||use_custom_font~1||custom_font~Poppins:300,400,500,700" number_typo="font_size~80||letter_spacing~-.6||weight~700"]
[norebro_process number="02." boxed="1" title="Agency Experience" description="Getting ``there`` requires the ability to see from all sides and identify the path with the highest probability of success." bg_color="brand" number_color="#333333" title_color="#ffffff" description_color="#ffffff" description_typo="font_size~16||letter_spacing~.2||weight~400" title_typo="font_size~20||weight~600" number_type="font_size~90||weight~600||use_custom_font~1||custom_font~Poppins:300,400,500,700" number_typo="font_size~80||letter_spacing~-1||weight~600"]
[norebro_process number="03." boxed="1" title="Team-Level Support" description="The balance between vision and audience needs is the sweet spot I navigate. I manage support designers when needed." bg_color="brand" number_color="#333333" title_color="#ffffff" description_color="#ffffff" description_typo="font_size~16||letter_spacing~.2||weight~400" title_typo="font_size~20||weight~600" number_type="font_size~90||weight~600||use_custom_font~1||custom_font~Poppins:300,400,500,700" number_typo="font_size~80||letter_spacing~-1||weight~600"]
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Every strong house is built on a solid foundation.
 Ours is steel-reinforced. Here's how:


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The creative and graphic design project process is a delicate transaction. The keys to making projects run smoothly and close with a desired final outcome for all sides of the equation are clarity and communication. Click here to review my CREATIVE DESIGN PROCESS.

[/norebro_accordion_inner][norebro_accordion_inner title="Section 2" tab_id="1505128529972-f65ddaf1-5438e4ae-b1d8" heading="Design Assessment"]

Twelve years as an independent contractors has allowed me to develop a process that helps me get as close as possible to what you want before one hour is spent on the actual development. This means that, before I begin, we have a concrete, visual example of exactly where we’re going. Here’s how we GET ONBOARD.

[/norebro_accordion_inner][norebro_accordion_inner title="Section 2" tab_id="1505129133186-9b5adaac-0f5ee4ae-b1d8" heading="Onsite, Offsite, Remote"]

bridgette-bryant-graphic-designerVariety is the spice of life and flexibility is the cooling water that keeps things in balance.

In the fast-moving world of today, technology and innovation are brewing on every side of the globe. For that reason it is important that leading-edge creators stay highly skilled and geographically fluid. So wherever you are, if the project will be served better by it, that’s where I need to be.

[norebro_accordion accordion_tabs_type="outline"][norebro_accordion_inner title="Section 1" tab_id="1505128527120-33049b3e-a205e4ae-b1d8" heading="What to Expect in Our Partnership"]

I begin each assignment a comprehensive overview of expectations using a variety of methods depending on your needs and availability. This helps me reiterate my objective so I am as clear as possible on the steps and initiatives prior to beginning work which increases productivity and promotes the likelihood of delivering to you a solid gold final product.

[/norebro_accordion_inner][norebro_accordion_inner title="Section 1" tab_id="1505129267771-9235b88a-945be4ae-b1d8" heading="Feedback and Delivery"]

Throughout the early stages of the design process I have checkpoints established to ensure that design, quality, and content are on-point with your vision. These progress checks verify along the way that I am creating what you desire. I do this to give you peace of mind that things are progressing the way that you expect and to make sure that not a moment is wasted.

[/norebro_accordion_inner][norebro_accordion_inner title="Section 1" tab_id="1505129266670-ed156207-8a9fe4ae-b1d8" heading="Billing & Payments"]

Once I have envisioned your vision, I will submit a proposal to you that outlines my suggested procedures, timeline, and deliverable milestones. All aspects of your project will be outlined in the proposal and sent to you for review and approval.

Both fixed and hourly projects begin with an initial deposit of 15% of your project quote, the deposit will be credited to the project’s final invoice and may be tendered in the form of cash, check, ACH Transfer, PayPal*, or Stripe.*                 *=transaction fees apply

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[norebro_process title="Look Closer" description="I excel in visual design because I am naturally aware of details and intuitively place usability at the forefront of creative process." number_typo="weight~inherit" description_typo="font_size~15||weight~inherit" title_typo="weight~600"]
[norebro_button layout="outline" shape_position="left" icon_use="1" link="|title:PORTFOLIO|target:%20_blank|" color="#09747f" icon_as_icon="linea-basic-elaboration-document-download"]
[norebro_process number="02." title="Project Brief" description="Here we review your marketing message and design needs. I will learn about your brand and what we need to encourage viewers to take action." description_typo="font_size~15||weight~inherit" title_typo="weight~600"]
[norebro_button layout="fill" shape_position="left" icon_use="1" link="|title:START|target:%20_blank|" color="brand" icon_as_icon="linea-basic-book-pen" text_color="#ffffff"]
[norebro_process number="03." title="Templates" description="If you already have your thoughts together and just need a great-looking shell to place them in, take a look at my template downloads." description_typo="font_size~15||weight~inherit" title_typo="weight~600"]
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[norebro_process number="04." title="Chat" description="Sometimes we don't know where to begin. Let me help. Schedule a brief call to tell me what's going on and what you would like to create." description_typo="font_size~15||weight~inherit" title_typo="weight~600"]
[norebro_button layout="outline" shape_position="left" icon_use="1" link="|title:SCHEDULE|target:%20_blank|" color="brand" icon_as_icon="linea-basic-book-pen"]
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After all of the planning, research, and creative crafting,
you will have a beautiful final product that supports your vision.


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