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The key to making projects run smoothly and close with a desired final outcome for all sides of the equation is clarity and communication.

Clarity is required because it is only with clear instructions that your graphic designer can create what you have in mind. Communication is important because sometimes things shift and changes need to be made.

In order for the road to stay smooth, both parties need to be able to communicate their perspective and needs so we can deliver the best performance either as a project manager or as your project designer.

It takes two to make a thing go right…and we are totally in.

Years of project management has allowed us to develop a process that helps us get as close as possible to what you want to create before one hour is spent on the actual development phase.

This means that, before we begin, we have a very clear concept of the visuals you want to create.

This makes every step that follows more simplistic, accurate, and productive.

The only requirement from you is that you have an idea of what you want or be willing to hand over the decision-making to us entirely. The follow-up requirement for us is to be honest about our ability to deliver on your desire and then carry out that delivery as efficiently as possible.

Getting The Job Done

Creative Design Process


Aligning with your brand and target users. Learning your history, brand image, and competitors and using that info to strategize design goals.


Client creative brief and meeting. Define the marketing message and response we want to create. Client approves design direction based on idea review(s).


The design process begins and an early progress approval is required to ensure everything is on track.


After making edits based on your change request feedback, I perform two more polishing rounds then package the files and send your download link!


Now we have a first draft of the completed project. Prior to submitting to you for review, I polish and perfect the design for consistency and elegance.


Similar to the previous checkpoint, this stage ensures design quality is inline with your vision. Delivery is a rough draft of 50% of the project for feedback.

Be Engaging and Interactive

Make Your Brand Look Great

After all of the planning, research, and creative crafting,
you will have a beautiful final product that supports your vision.

So! What shall we create?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every strong house is built on a solid foundation.
 Ours is steel reinforced. Here’s how:

Getting Started

The creative and graphic design project process is a delicate transaction. The keys to making projects run smoothly and close with a desired final outcome for all sides of the equation are clarity and communication. Click here to review the CREATIVE DESIGN PROCESS.

Design Assessment

“Thirteen years as an independent contractor has allowed me to develop a process and team structure that helps us get as close as possible to what you want before one hour is spent on actual design and development.” – Bridgette Bryant

This means that, before we begin the work of construction, there is already a concrete, visual example of exactly where we are going that you have reviewed, approved, and set in motion. Time to GET ONBOARD.

Onsite, Offsite, Remote

bridgette bryant designerVariety is the spice of life and flexibility is the cooling water that keeps things in balance.

In the fast-moving world of today, technology and innovation are brewing on every side of the globe. For that reason it is important that leading-edge creators stay highly skilled and geographically fluid. So wherever you are, if needed, that’s where we’ll be.


Each project starts with a comprehensive overview of expectations using a variety of methods depending on your needs and availability. This helps us become clear about the objective and gives you peace of mind that everything is proceeding in the way you want.

We also create an deliver an action plan to you prior to beginning work which increases productivity and promotes the likelihood of delivering a solid-gold final product.

Feedback and Delivery

To maintain accuracy and not waste one moment, throughout the early stages of the design process there are checkpoints established that ensure design style, quality levels, and content are on-point with your vision.

These progress checks verify along the way that we are creating what you desire.

Billing & Payments

Your proposal will include a guaranteed project cost range and outline the  procedures, timeline, and deliverable milestones. All aspects of your project will be covered in the proposal and sent to you for review and approval.

Both fixed and hourly projects begin with an initial deposit and a link will be provided with the proposal. The deposit can be paid by check, ACH Transfer, AmazonPay*, PayPal*, Stripe*, and Bitcoin.                 *=their transaction fees will apply